Saturday, March 8, 2014

Racing Results & Tips - 8 March

Okay, recap of last weeks results...

Race 1 – No. 6 (+$5)
Race 2 – No. 1 (+11)
Race 3 – No. 2 (+$29.5) , No. 7 (-$10)
Race 4 – No. 2 (+$3.5)
Race 5 – No. 9 (-$10)
Race 6 – No. 10 (-$10)
Race 7 – No. 1 SHAMUS AWARD (+$24.50), No. 9 TERONADO ($-10), No. 2 CRITERION (+$4.5)
Race 8 – No. 9 OFFICE BEARER  ($-10), No. 10 BRILLIANT BISC ($-10)
Race 9 – No. 5 DESERT JEUNEY ($-10)

After hot start and a winner and in Race 7 we fell away a little in the last two races, eventually posting a daily profit of $8. Today's tips are below, fingers crossed we continue the improvement. 

Race 1 – No. 7 THALIA ($7.50)
Race 2 – No. 10 I AM TITANIUM ($12.00)
Race 3 – No. 4 ZULULAND ($8.50)
Race 4 – No. 5 BIPPO NO BUNGUS ($14.00)
Race 5 – No. 8 STAR FASHION ($11.00), No. 6 SENSIBILITY ($21.00)
Race 6 – No. 9 UNPRETENTIOUS ($13.00), No. 10 KNOYDART ($10.00), No. 14 BERNABEU ($17.00)
Race 7 – No. 2 GREEN MOON ($12.00)
Race 8 – No. 1 SEA MOON ($7.00)
Bet of the Day
Race 9 – No. 9 RHYTHM TO SPAR ($4.20)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Skrill - $20 Bonus for new all accounts

Skrill bonusWe have an exclusive deal from Skrill, the world's best e-wallet. Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers) are offering all new accounts $20 to deposit at a poker site or to add to their bankroll. To be eligible for this deal you must sign up for a new Skrill account through the banner to the left and make your next deposit at one of the poker rooms listed below. Skrill will then gift you $20 to your account to add to your existing bankroll or to deposit at a new poker room.

Riva Poker
Riva Poker
Make a $20 deposit at Riva Poker using Skrill and your new account will be credited an additional $20 to add to your bankroll or to deposit at 770 Poker.
770 Poker
770 Poker
Make a $20 deposit at 770 Poker using Skrill and your new account will be credited an additional $20 to add to your bankroll or to deposit at Riva Poker.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tips - Australian Guineas Day

Here are Jason Richardson's tips from SEN this morning. Tips are for tomorrows Australian Guineas Day meeting at Flemington. Here's hoping for an improvement from last week!
Race 1 – No. 6 HUSSON EAGLE ($16.00)
Race 2 – No. 1 BACKSTEDT ($9.00)
Race 3 – No. 2 COOLDINI ($7.50), No. 7 DURNFORD ($26.00)
Race 4 – No. 2 YOU’RE SO GOOD ($12.00)
Race 5 – No. 9 CATERED ($51.00)
Race 6 – No. 10 OUR HAND OF FAITH ($7.50)
Race 7 – No. 1 SHAMUS AWARD ($5.50), No. 9 TERONADO ($15.00), No. 2 CRITERION ($15.00)
Race 8 – No. 9 OFFICE BEARER ($8.50), No. 10 BRILLIANT BISC ($8.00)
Race 9 – No. 5 DESERT JEUNEY ($6.50)
Bet of the Day - Race 6 – No. 4 STRAWBERRY BOY ($3.50)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Choosing a New Poker Site

I usually play low stakes and MTT's at Pokerstars and lately I have been thinking transferring some of my bankroll to a new site. A couple of reasons are leading me towards this, first the fact that I have been running bad for a couple of months now and a change of scenery may invigorate me (worth a try!). Second, and probably the driving factor considering my previous sentence, depositing at a new poker room presents an opportunity to benefit from a first deposit bonus. Bonuses such as these are generally released incrementally which gives you focus and encourages proper bankroll management. 

A couple of the factors I am considering at the moment include:

  • Are there more regulars (strong players) or casual players (weaker players) on this site?
  • Does the site attract fish and maniacs with free money giveaways, casino games, and sports betting?
  • What are traffic levels like and can I find the action I want at the times I prefer to play?
  • Is the sites software/interface functional and helpful?
  • And finally, what is the return on my deposit and what is the difficulty in clearing the bonus?
  • Top of the shortlist at the moment...
Bounty Poker
Bounty Poker is a brand new, and at the moment small, poker room. I came across Bounty Poker through the $20 No Deposit Bonus, as featured in our online poker guide. This leads me to the assumption that the tables will be full of beginners, bonus hunters and well plain stinking fish. I am not too interested in the $20 no deposit bonus other than trying out the software and playability, which I can attest to being quite good. Traffic is certainly at the micro and low stakes level, as one would expect for a new room. From a bonus point of view, a traditional deposit bonus is not available, rather Bounty Poker offers a cashback. A $50 deposit will earn a 20% cashback, $150 a 30% cashback, $300 a %40 cashback and over $300 will earn you 50%. Sadly no MTT's or SNG's available at present.

Visit Bounty Poker.

888 Poker

Generally regarded as having a fair segment of fishy / maniac players due to 888 sharing a poker, casino and sports betting platform. Traffic is good, with an average of 2,500 cash game players online at any one time. 888 Poker is prominent in Australia due to extensive sponsorship of grassroots live tournament and advertising featuring Shane Warne (yes that's him below). That said, my previous experience with 888 Poker a number of years ago was one of horrible bad beats after another. But, isn't this just par of the course for all online poker players? Finally, 888 Poker has a first deposit bonus of 100% up to a max of $500. If I deposit $100 I will have to earn to 100 player points to release each $10 of the bonus $100. From a MTT point of view there is the big weekly $145,000 GT. A deposit will also grant entry to the following private tournaments...

Other options...

Poker 770: European based online poker room with strong traffic, the biggest first deposit bonus I have found at 200% and and a good selection of MTT's and SNG's. The free no deposit bonus they offer is also bound to attract the odd beginner, fish and maniac.

Visit Poker 770

Riva Poker: Another room on the iPoker network, Riva Poker is similar to 770 in traffic, playing options, software and player ability. Another similarity is the no deposit bonus (read about them here) and the prevalence of beginners. Riva Poker may be the better option as their first deposit bonus is a massive 200% up to $1000. After some digging it looks like the bonus is cleared in $2 increments for every 100 points you collect, with a 90 day time limit.

Visit Riva Poker