Monday, March 23, 2015

Full flush poker - fantastic or farce?

The jury is out on full flush poker. I deposited there over the weekend looking to try a USA friendly poker room. Fair to say the first impression has been mixed bag. Getting your head around the 'recreational' player format, 45 day bonus shot clock, lack of VIP program, prohibited HUD (ok I'll stop) is an adjustment. On the plus side, fairly weak games and more than decent overlays in the nightly MTT's. But for me the jury is still out.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

GTD Tournament Overlays

Which poker sites offer the biggest and most consistent tournament overlays? 

Duck Poker

Despite the best poker bonus on the market Duck Poker (review here) has consistently struggled to generate any cash game traffic. It's no deposit promotion has wound up and so it seems have the donks on the micro and low stakes tables. Duck Poker have decisively taken a different route in the form of a massive investment in guaranteed tournaments and a variety of SNG options. Focusing on MTT and SNG formats is 

From on demand freerolls, micro tournaments to big GTD MTT's here is a run down of the best value tournaments offering the greatest overlay.

  • Sunday April 12 at 20:00 GMT
  • 10,000 starting chips
  • 15 minute levels
  • $1,000,000 prize pool guaranteed
  • $200,000 guaranteed to winner
  • $500 + $40 entry or satellites for a fraction of the entry fee
Only 35 players registered and a huge overlay on the cards. In addition big guaranteed tournaments are now scheduled every hour, the majority of which offering tournament overlays.

  • Every Sunday 14:00
  • 15 minute levels
  • $200,000 prize pool guaranteed
  • $200 entry or satellites for a fraction of the entry fee
Party Poker is still one of the largest poker sites on the net and they continue to make huge investments to their MTT schedule. The Sunday schedule is big and offers tournament overlays at every level. The Sunday $50,000 GTD usually fields a few hundred players, up to a few thousand for the daily $10K.  Just have a look at the two tournaments below for an example of massive poker tournament overlays!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Australian Online Poker: Players who turned pro

Australia online ran an interesting article in relation to the state of online poker in Australia during the week. The online poker boom in Australia has come and gone, however patronship both online, on the gaming floor and amongst numerous 'pub' leagues in Australia remains strong. Professional players such as those interviewed as part of the article may no longer have access to the same action as they previously may have, however this is not to say that opportunities to make a tidy profit are not available at the lower stakes - where novices, punters and the donkeys alike seem to tread. 

Article in its entirety can be read via the link below:

I can only wish to follow in the footsteps of Ray and Jamie, kick the day job and make a living off playing online. The tax-free, five hour working day sure does have a certain appeal. Like Jamie I have been playing online at 888 Poker for the last couple of years - also frequented by Australia's own Shane Warne. Those wishing to earn some extra coin and play the 'real money' tables online at the 888 Poker are afforded a deposit bonus ($30 or more) of $88 additional credits released in increments and 100% bonus which is released as you accumulate raked hands. 

Our thoughts on 888 Poker are detailed in a previous post here. As an alternative Australian players would be encouraged to look at Party Poker who offer a $50 bonus following a $20+ deposit. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hand of the day #1

This week some buddies and I decided to visit the Crown Poker room in Melbourne. I am a semi-regular  player at the 1/2 tables, whilst a the friends ranged from amatures to wanna-be pro's. On this Thursday evening I was sitting at a table with a slightly higher skill level than usual. Relative speaking this table is still very weak, probably 0.05/0/.10 online - but more aggressive. 
The big blind is a typical casino mug, a huge fish known as a losing player. UTG+1 is an old lady who doesn't have anything better to do with her life. MP is a super aggressive psycho who knows his poker, but is far too aggressive (for example he went all-in preflop with two players committed holding A6o). I am at $320 (Hero), casino mug roughly $150, MP at $450 and UTG+1 at $230.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

First ever royal flush!

 Pretty happy with my first ever royal flush. Only took about 100,000 hands, so I am probably due for a couple more anytime now. 

The only other Royal Flush I ever saw at FT was a guy who had one as he stacked me - I of course had the bottom half of the straight flush. 

I was able to recover and finish in the money, after taking a hit early.